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Finding a separate dentist for your children is a pain. At Empire Dental, we prioritize your entire family. Schedule yourself, your spouse, and your children on the same day! Our dental professionals are patient and comforting in providing exceptional pediatric dental care to your children. As a busy family, finding multiple providers can make your life seem even more chaotic. Cut the chaos and schedule your children at Empire Dental!

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Good dental hygiene and dental habits start at home. It is even more essential to start establishing routine dental care with a dentist as young as age one. Empire Dental will see you and your whole family with flexible and quick scheduling.

Schedule Twice a Year Children’s Dentist Check-Ups

Just like we recommend with adults, we highly encourage parents to schedule their children for a routine dental check-up twice per year. Establishing a daily dental routine by age 5 can set your child up for great dental health for their entire lives. As they lose their baby teeth between ages 5 and 12, learning the proper brushing and flossing techniques can prevent serious dental issues as their adult teeth grow in. During their regular dental appointments, our dental hygienist will perform a deep cleaning, which helps remove plaque and build-up from the areas your child may miss when brushing or flossing. The dentist and our team will also help teach the proper techniques for at-home brushing.

Regular appointments are more than just scraping off the gunk. These routine dental visits also allow the dentist to track the progress of your child’s dental development. The dentist will determine the presence of any abnormal underbites, overbites, or crossbites and evaluate the need for braces or other corrective devices. Coming in every 6 months is vital to your child’s dental health and preventing issues from arising later on.

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